Make a bootable Windows USB drive from Linux

Hello! In this video I will show you how to make a bootable Windows flashdrive utilizing a Linux computer. There are three major steps: first specify the partition table and format the flashdrive, then copy Windows files at long last install a bootloader. Let’s start! To format the USB you need to unmount it. We will do this from GParted. Start GParted and from the top right corner select the USB device. Be meticulous not to select the hard drive! Right click the mounted partition and select’ Unmount ‘. Now go to’ Device’ menu and choice’ Create partition table ‘. Choose’ msdos’ and click’ Apply ‘. Right click the un allocated room and select’ New ‘. Make a primary partition, format it as FAT3 2 or NTFS, it doesn’t matter, and present it a label.

Remember this label. Click the’ Apply’ button on the primary window and in the dialog that were presented. Let’s close this. Now, right click the partition and choice’ Manage flags ‘. We’ll check “boot” flag. Let’s close GParted and move on to the next step. We need to mount the Windows disc image with Furius ISO mount.

Browse to the ISO path and mount it as “loop”. You will need root permissions. Let’s copy Windows files to USB flashdrive utilizing the record director. The flashdrive get mounted when clicking on it. Wait for the copying process to finish. We can unmount the image and open Furius now. Let’s install GRUB. We need to specify boot directory which is the’ boot’ folder from flashdrive.

Check if it is lowercase. If not rename it to lowercase. Let’s get its path and paste it in the command. Now we need the machine. You can find that in GParted if you’re not sure. It is very important to use the remedy machine. Hit Enter and type your password. If everything is OK, you will see this. GRUB need to see a configuration file. Go on flashdrive, to the’ boot’ then the’ maggot’ folder and make an empty record named’ grub.cfg’ Open it with the text editor and paste that code snippet inside.

Replace < US_Bdrive_label> with the label you rendered to the partition when you made it. Save the record and close.

That’s it. Now, if you have an ‘*. efi’ record in the’ efi/ boot’ folder from flashdrive, then your machine is likewise UEFI bootable. Unmount the flashdrive. Let’s see how it boots on a classic BIOS. You will see a menu from where you need to choose the first time’ Start Windows installation ‘. This will launch the setup. Thank you for watching !.